Successfully Applied for a Patent for an Adjustable UV Incubator of Arabidopsis

Views: Date: 2020-06-18 10:02:55

In recent years, our company has continuously strengthened the technical innovation work, and has made a new breakthrough. Mr. Zhou Hanyu, chairman of the company, and professor of Hunan Agricultural University jointly invented the adjustable UV incubator for Arabidopsis thaliana, and successfully applied for the patent on January 21, 2020. This patented technology has achieved considerable economic benefits since it was applied to the company's batch production in 2019. Set up parameters like light intensity, the cultivating box can adjust the growth luminosity of arabidopsis thaliana, and do ultraviolet radiation sterilization at the same time, thus kill the bacteria and viruses and improve the survival rate of pants.
Our company attaches great importance to technological innovation, and it is stepping forward to a higher standard. In recent years, we have made great achievements, which laid a good foundation for our future development.