Whits/warm White LED Strip

Whits/warm White LED Strip

LED Type: SMD5050, 2835, 3528, 5630, 3014, 335, RGB, W/WW, WRGB, WWRGB.
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1) Available in full range of single-color : red, yellow, blue, green, wrgb, wwrgb, etc.

2) Easy to install by the 3M tape on the rear.

3) Low power consumption. High luminous.

4) Beam angle: 120 degrees.

5) Solid-state, high shock and vibration resistant.

6) No RF interference.

7) Long life 100,000+ hours (10+ years). Low attenuation, only 3% after 1000hours working.

8) Certifications: RoHS and CE.


SMD LED QTY Voltage Current Power/M Waterproof Degree
3528 30 DC12V,DC24V 0.2A, 0.1A 2.4W/M IP20,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68
3528 60 DC12V,DC24V 0.4A, 0.2A 4.8W/M IP20,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68
3528 120 DC12V,DC24V 0.8A, 0.4A 9.6W/M IP20,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68
3528 240 DC12V,DC24V 1.6A, 0.8A 19.2W/M IP20,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68
5050 30 DC12V,DC24V 0.6A, 0.3A 7.2W/M IP20,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68
5050 60 DC12V,DC24V 1.2A, 0.6A 14.4W/M IP20,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68
5050 120 DC12V,DC24V 2.4A, 1.2A 28.8W/M IP20,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68
2835 60 DC12V 1.0A 12W/M IP20,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68
2835 120 DC12V 1.2A 14.4W/M IP20,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68
3528w/ww 60 DC12V 0.8A 9.6W/M IP20,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68
5050w/ww 60 DC12V 2.4A 28.8W/M IP20,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68
wrgb/wwrgb 60 DC24V 1.6A 19.2W/M IP20,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68


TKLED Factory:

Building decoration
Car decoration
Amusement park and theater lighting
Emergency hallway lighting
Shopping mall, restaurant, hotel, meeting room and advertisement lighting decoration